Did This Kiss-Cam Couple Really Breakup?

A video of a couple appearing to breakup on the kiss-cam at a Grizzlies game is making the rounds this week. It all started on May 3rd when the kiss-cam repeatedly focused on a couple that was clearly having a fight. The guy just didn't want to kiss his girlfriend. The third time they pan to the couple, she appears to break it off with señor douchenozzle. The girl is then comforted by the Grizzlies' mascot. Many viewers on Reddit called "shenanigans" on the whole thing. The team Tweeted in response:

It looks kinda staged to me. Why do they keep panning back on them if they don't want to kiss? Why is the mascot conveniently waiting to comfort the girl? It brings up how friggin' annoying the kiss-cam is. What if I'm busy watching the game or eating a hot dog? What if my wife is busy texting her friend? Why should you be guilted into kissing for the entertainment of a bunch of drunken sports fans? I don't like the coercion of the whole thing. Then occasionally someone proposes during kiss-cam. That's not fair. Doing that puts a lot of undo pressure on the girl to say yes. What if she wants to think about it or doesn't feel ready but doesn't want to embarrass the guy in front of 60,000 spectators? I say we get rid of the kiss-cam and stick to important things like, oh, I don't know, the game.

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