Demi Moore Bikini Pictures Continue to Shine at 49, Err, 50

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Hard to imagine the sweet barely legal teen girl with big bush we knew so well from late 70's Euro mags is now all of 50. A few times divorced and addicted to Whip-Its is no match for the blessed genetics Demi Mooreinherited which allows her to still look rather amazing at the mid-century mark on a balcony in her bikini in Malibu.

Of course, Demi also puts in some serious workout time to aid her God-given gifts. She's even making up with her semi-estranged daughter through daily joint yoga workouts. I'm angry at Demi but I doubt she'll let me get sweaty with her in stretch pants. Still, you know I love the veteran hotties, and ogling Demi in her bikini comes at the right price of free, and without having to workout at all. Enjoy.

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