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Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures for the Still Very Eligible Bachelorette Win

As you know, with a semi-functioning cerebral cortex still, I have no time for most reality television, so I've never had much time to watch who will fall in fake love each season on shows like The Bachelor. But I guess Courtney Robertson won the show by proving her fake love for The Bachelor so they could wait til the show was over to call off their fake engagement. A ruse is a ruse is a ruse, but that is the point of reality television. It's like buying a professional lady for the evening. At some point, the timer does run out and the compliments go away. So I'm told.

Regardless, we ourselves did fall in lust with Courtney Robertson for mostly just looking so damn good in a bikini, as she proved once again on the beach in L.A. showing off her taut bikini body for the cameras. She may never find true love through a staged television show. And that I suppose is truly sad. But she will find much love here on Egotastic! so long as she keeps that killer body. Enjoy.

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