Cindy Crawford Brings Out the Veteran Cleavetastic for Gatsby in Cannes

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I love a good surprise. I mean, I hate surprise parties, those are truly wretched affairs. But a good surprise in the form of a veteran hottie showing up unexpectedly strong at a public event, I do so love that, Like Cindy Crawford at The Great Gatsby premiere in Cannes. Now, I have no intention of seeing The Great Gatsby or ever visiting Cannes again until they apologize for my errant arrest some years ago on charges of Strange Loitering. But I would travel most anywhere else to see Cindy flash her motherly cleavetastic as she did on the red carpet for the film premiere.

Cindy Crawford was once in the hallowed halls of the top of the line sextastic. That kind of power and acknowledgement doesn't simply fade with time, it eases gently into a horny goodnight. And with Cindy, the night is still very young. Enjoy.

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