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Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge Bikini Pictures Take Their Hot Turn in St. Barts

The Victoria's Secret photoshoots continue down in St. Bart's, with legendary already bikini model Candice Swanepoelstepping up to the plate with nothing but her ridiculously hot modeling body and some spray on tan to assist her in her photo at-bat. I'd call it a homerun to carry on this baseball analogy, a sport I would have to be thinking of rather vividly to avoid turning my night of pleasure with Candice into an apology after 90-seconds of passion.

Joining in the bikini hit parade was the strikingly hot Lily Aldridgewho showed that she backs down for no man, err, woman, when it comes to a contest of hottest body on the island. Not that the ladies need to fight over who has the finer form, I will gladly play Solomon on that matter and split my baby in half as needed. Enjoy.

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