Batman: Arkham Origins Brings us its First Teaser Trailer: It’s Snowy, Showy, Punch-y and Kinda Sucky (VIDEO)

Batman Arkham Origins Teaser Header
Does ANYONE do a stubbly fury-face like Mr. Wayne? Hell no.

As with its fellow ball-busting blockbuster coming at the ass-end of 2013, Grand Theft Auto V, Batman: Arkham Origins does like firing out the subtle info-nuggets. In our last visit to the world Warner Bros. Games is creating, we saw a succinct summary of everything Origins-related to date. From what could be gleaned, free-roaming about Gotham will be a dynamic and actiontacular affair; there’ll be nary a corner of the place without a lurking shoplifter or car thief (or, presumably, one of those sleazy trenchcoat dudes that get their wang out in front of strangers in public parks) to gleefully pummel on.

What we haven’t yet been graced with is any form of gameplay trailer-ing. This… isn’t that either (quite yet), but it’s a tentative step closer. Behold, if you will, a little half-assed campy fisticuffs between Batman and Deathstroke, DC’s resident assassin; and stay tuned to Egotastic! for tomorrow’s more substantial trailer, as the above hints.