Batman: Arkham Origins Brings Us a Trailer Worthy of Both the Dark Knight and… ‘The Dark Knight’ (VIDEO)

Batman Arkham Origins Official Trailer Header
'Pre-order to play as Deathstroke,' you say?
Another bad, assassin-plagued day for the bat.

By which we mean it’s A) a fine showcase of the theatrical and dramatic-al slow-mo crotch punching we expect of the comic world’s most badass angry rich dude and also B) infused with the kind of dark, foreboding atmosphere Christopher Nolan filled the movies up to their celluloid eyeballs with (y’know, kinda. If you squint a little). It isn’t gameplay footage, true enough, but it’ll suffice to assure us that there’s something pretty damn special heading console-wards later this year.

This weekend, we saw the fleeting teaser of mano-a-mano combat betwixt Batman and Deathstroke, a snippet from this very scene. Today, Warner Bros. Games Montreal released a heaping helping of sweet, sweet ultra-violent context, with the extended video above. Behold, and look out for some cameo appearances.