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Aracely Arambula Lingerie Pictures for Last Bits of Cinco De May Lust

You know how I love my South of the Border soap stars and their willingness to take extremely hot pictures for celebration from their female TV audience and general elation from the hombres like me who lust their every bitch slap.

Most definitely count Aracely Arambula in that category of Mexican actresses I've been waiting to see in less clothes, as she does in her lingerie pictorial for Open magazine. Like other Latina telenovela stars, Aracely seems to be aging extremely gracefully, well into her late 30's and still chugging along finely on the hotness train.

She may be known widely as the mother of two of pop star Luis Miguel's kids, but after today, hopefully you can see Aracely as a sextastic symbol as well. She deserves that. Enjoy.

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