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Ali Larter Short Skirt Cleavy Goodness for Summertime Awakenings

It's been hot here in L.A the past few days, which if your A.C. machine is like mine and seems to pre-date the invention of freon, you just might be sweating. But in the silver lining department, the heat beckons the arrival of shorts skirts, for which we've been patiently waiting during the sub-80 degree months here we like to call Winter.

And, lo and behold, and behold down low, Ali Larter in a short little skirt, showing off her hot mommy legs and just a little cleave. Not sure we've seen Ali out in a short skirt since becoming a mom, but we hope she never changes (though if she does change, we would like to see that too, we are greedy).

Summer is here (at least around here) and the time is right for ogling in the streets. And you can count on us bringing the best of summer legs to you once again this year. Hit the Pilates ladies, this is definitely on. Enjoy.

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