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Alexina Graham Lingerie Pictures for Ginger Spells and Matrimonial Tricks

Not sure how we've missed ginger hottie Alexina Graham in the past, but at 22-years of age, this redheaded Britty super-delicious model is already a veteran in her industry. That industry being selling shizz to the ladyfolks while the gentlemen stand in the back and ogle her fine form.

In her lastest work for La Redoute lingerie, Alexina continues the fine tradition of convincing men that marriage is all about seeing your beautiful bride on her wedding night in some naughty lingerie and some very grateful feelings she desperately needs to express. And, then, yeah, ignore what's behind the curtain for the next several decades. Oh, pshaw, let's sweep away my negative feelings on the subject matter and indulge in the matrimonial fantasy along with Alexina. After all, a tall boobtastic ridiculously hot ginger is allowed to help you lose your senses. Enjoy.

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