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Zach Braff Needs Your Money So He Make Another Movie Starring Zach Braff

Remember when Zach Braff (a.k.a. that guy from Scrubs) wrote, directed, and starred in that movie about a struggling actor with an existential crisis who somehow ends up making out with Natalie Portman? Well, apparently he's had a pretty tough time finding rich people who want to give him money to make another film about another guy with another existential crisis. So Braff has decided to make like the people behind Veronica Mars and beg for money on Kickstarter.

The movie Braff is trying to get made is called Wish I Was Here, and he's looking to get $2,000,000 in pledges from Kickster backers.

How is it doing so far? Pretty okay I guess. It raised over a million on the first day, which I'm going to guess is probably a record, and at time of writing it's sitting at $1,557,069. No, scratch that. Now it's $1,557,409. No, wait...$1,559, $1,557,809...$1,559,924...$1,560,084...

You get the idea.

Anyway, if you can't get enough of Zach Braff's vacant, wistful stares and you want to see his new movie, give him some money. Or, you know, just let everyone else give him money and then download the movie off the internet like a normal person.

No, I'm just kidding! Pirating movies is illegal and wrong.

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