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Whovian Approved: Flying TARDIS R/C Helicopter

The TARDIS sure doesn't do a lot of flying, given that it's supposed to be a space ship and all. Even the Doctor noticed when he commented about it in 2006's Christmas special, The Runaway Bride. But if it flew, you'd expect it to just fly without any propellers or jets, right, because it is TARDIS after all.

Well, wrong. Apparently, the TARDIS does fly in real life. However, we mean this miniature remote-controlled TARDIS that is neither a space nor time machine, but it's still a pretty damn good machine, if there ever was one.

It'll be released in July. No doubt Whovians will love this, even if you'll only be traveling through different times and dimensions in your imagination.

Pre-Order It: $46.99

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