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Tony Stark Gets Snarky in this Clip from 'Iron Man 3' (VIDEO)

Eh, I'm not sure trash-talking an iPhone is really a way to prove how heroic you are, but that doesn't stop Robert Downey Jr. from doing just that in this brand spanking new clip from Iron Man 3 that's been hinted at in several of the film's many trailers. In the clip Tony throws down some smack and tells the Mandarin to come get him, going so far as to give out his address.

Well, from pretty much every trailer out there you can pretty much guess how this tirade ends up. I hope they play up the fact that his cockiness is now putting himself and his loved ones in danger despite the fact that he's pointed out that all he wants to do is keep Gwyneth Paltrow (aka Pepper Potts) safe. So if you've ever wanted to watch RDJ get emotional into an iPhone, now's yer chance, kids.

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