The Mam-tastic 'Mortal Kombat' Brings You the Latest Installment of Cleavy Cosplay

Anyone who has ventured into the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games can attest to the freakish nature of its women. Mileena, the groin-chewing cannibal crazy with the shark's mouth? Skarlet, the blood-showering ninja-thing? They're all hideous abominations from the depths of the Devil's ass, which is just how this gore-centric franchise likes it.

But they are also as boobtacular and skimpily-dressed as anyone that cavorts around in their undercarriage in Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur (to wit: everybody). The answer, then, is to gather some sexy cosplayers! All the trouser-troubling, none of the homicidal tendencies. Thanks to the dress-up talents of Jessica Nigri and AsherWaar, plus the camera-wielding of Gil Perron at ppimagefactory and 12 North Photography, that's just what we have above.

Prepare yourself for Petit Mort-al Kombat! (Wank jokes in French: When regular wank jokes just won't do.)

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