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The Egotastic! Summer Blockbuster Preview Is the Only Excuse You Need to Stay Indoors All Season Long

Well, Summer is nearly upon us and you know what that means: Studios rolling out every movie you probably want to see this year (and then dumping out all the garbage they know you don't at the very end of August). It's a big year for sequels and franchises--but let's be honest, every year is a big year for those as that's pretty much the only thing out there anyway. And by our calculations you'll be spending close to $200 on tickets for all the summer movies alone, so you better just stock up on ramen and Lean Pockets and put your spare change in a piggy bank because you're going to need it.

So get your calendars out, renew your Fandango subscription and let's figure out exactly how you're going to be spending those warm summer nights.

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