Stop-Motion Puppet ‘Doctor Who’ Is Still More Clever Than Most Things on American TV (VIDEO)

Doctor Who
No Strings Attached

For those anglophiles out there, or Whovians, we jump at anything Who-related we can get our hands on. And with last Saturday’s premiere of the latter-half of this season, everyone is on high alert. And one of the coolest things I’ve come across is this stop-motion puppet eleventh Doctor serial (which thankfully keeps Matt Smith in his old costume and not that new, ridiculous Victorian jacket he wears). Done by Youtuber HelloDoctorPuppet, the web-series follows a puppet Doctor and some familiar faces through time and space. And while I’m stoked to see Clara Oswin Oswald cooking her souffles (where did she get the milk?), I can always use a little more puppet Amy Pond in my life. Watch Episode 1 above and Episode 2 below. Enjoy!