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Rocio Guirao Diaz Lingerie Pictures Reveal a Complete Package of Bra and Panties Goodness

Oh, how we love our wicked hot Latina girls in their skivvies. And they don't really come much hotter than Rocio Guirao Diaz, the face and most definitely body of Sigry Lingerie. We could ogle her in silk and lace until we summon the will to ask to see Rocio in even less.

This sextastic Argentinean model may just be our favorite lingerie model from South of the equator, certainly right up there in the lower latitudes. With this Sigry line for Fall/Winter (and you know you've got to change up your undies for the cooler months, albeit, the cooler months are warmer in South America), Rocio continues to plant her hotness stake right through our lust-filled hearts. The power of a one hot woman in two tiny pieces of clothing is quite tremendous. Enjoy.

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