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Robot Sex is Hot: 1 out of 10 People Would Bump Uglies With a Bot

Not getting what you want from your human partner? Don't be shy about looking for alternatives, because you're not alone. Apparently, one in every ten people would have sex with a robot. Personally, bumping uglies with a cold, hard bot isn't my thing--but hey, if it's yours, then I'm not one to judge.

These statistics came to light after a study conducted by the Huffington Post and YouGov was wrapped up.

Here are the results in a nutshell:

  • 33 percent said they wouldn't mind having a robot servant. Does that include a robotic sex slave? They didn't say.
  • 22 percent said that if they had an aging friend or relative, then it would be fine if a robot came and took care of them. Well, I'll be. I wouldn't want to be their 'aging friend or relative.'
  • 46 percent said that they wouldn't mind having a robot for a driver.
  • 9 percent said it's fine to have sex with a robot.

If you're making them clean houses, take care of old folks, and drive you around--then I guess it only follows that you'd want to bang them sooner or later.

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