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Reese Witherspoon Out of the Pokie in Time for 'Mud' Premiere

Yeah, Reese Witherspoon got locked up in Atlanta. She wasn't even the one suspected of drunk driving, that was her husband. But for some Hollywood reason, Reese felt obliged to let her husband's arresting officer have an earful of her attitude and a whole lot of disobeying his orders and she got hooked up too. I guess couples that violate the law together stay together, so there's good news for Reese on the marital front.

Kind of too bad to think of our belusted Reese as a mouthy girl who will get your beat by the cops for no good reason, but that won't stop us from ogling her on the red carpet of her film, Mud, where Reese looked like a million dollars. Slightly more than it cost her to bail herself out of jail in time to get to the premiere.

We come from the Chris Rock school of shutting the eff up when cops are at your car window. But we also come from the school of having fun imagining Reese Witherspoon in a holding cell full of horned up dykes. So, our two schools are currently competing against one another. Enjoy.

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