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Play Your Part in This Interactive Music Video...With Your Cursor

Have you ever heard of the band called 'Light Light'? No? Well, now you're about to.

They're this group based from Amsterdam and they're doing something never done before by musicians: crowd-source their music video. Users from all over the world will  be able to be a part of the music video  for their single 'Kilo.' You might be wondering, how can that be? How can they fit the gazillions of people who might want to be a part of their video into the video?

They can't--because they're not interested in your face. In fact, they only want your cursor.

Just check out the link to their video and follow the instructions. There's a little boob action somewhere in the middle, and I'm sure a whole lot of you will be pretty pissed off at the people who still 'touched' the model, even though they were told not to.

Check It Out: Kilo

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