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Nerd Out: The Bell-Tower Tribute to 'Game of Thrones' (VIDEO)

In today's high-tech world of smart phones and Fleshlights, bell towers don't get a lot of positive attention. Back in the day, these structures were a great way to alert the masses to an imminent Viking attack or impending witch burning. But now, as anyone who lives near a church can tell you, the sound of those clanging bells is nothing more than a nuisance preventing unemployed people from getting much needed day sleep. But one man is out to change all that.

Meet Lyle Anderson, the official carillonneur (a.k.a. bell ringing guy) at the University of Wisconsin. Rather than playing some boring old song about God, Anderson decided to use the 56 bells at his disposal to glorify the HBO series Game of Thrones. And the results are nothing short of spectacular, provided you set a very low bar when it comes to deeming things spectacular.

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