Mezhgan Hussainy Plants Her Luscious Rump Into Simon Cowell's Cab

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Mezhgan Hussainy used to be the hottie Persian make-up artist and fiance of American Idol and X-Factor gazillionaire Simon Cowell. But then they called off the wedding. Now he only parties with her and has copious amount of boot knocking. Not to bash on marriage, but this seems like a marked improvement in Cowell's relationship situation.

The two were spotted outside the Arts nightclub in London, partying til the wee hours, with Mezhgan trying to cram her dope badonkdonk betwixt the doorway of their hired car service. It took her a while, but it was worth the wait, or the many snapshots we got as she tried to shimmy and shake that moneymaker through the portal. Simon can't lose I guess. Enjoy.

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