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Merman Alternative Lifestyle? Yes. (VIDEO)

"Merman...(cough,cough), merMAN!" Remember that line from Zoolander where Derek Zoolander's dad is ashamed that his son is dressed like fishdude? Well, somewhere in England a father feels his pain. The freakshow parade known as My Crazy Obsession featured a real life merman. And by merman I mean a weird dude who likes to wear fishtails and act like Darryl Hannah in Splash.

He says he's been obsessed with mermaids ever since he saw a poor girl in a fish suit working in an aqua show rather than at the strip club. He makes tails too for other fish freaks. And you KNOW he rubs scales with other fish b$@ches in those tails. I fully believe that all a person has to do to create a new fetish subculture is to say it out loud. When it goes out into the ether hundreds of freaky websites pop up.

TLC is really irresponsible by showing this guy's weird lifestyle. Expect the smell of fish and lycra tails to emanate from that one weird neighbor's door.

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