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Kelly Osbourne Bikini Pictures Put the Bum Up and Down Under

Kelly Osbourne seems to have a rocky path. She's up, she's down. She's in the hospital, she's on the mend, she's split up, she's with some guy, she's fired, she's hired, she's vomiting in the streets or she's in some $5K dress on the red carpet. I suppose this is why she mostly appeals to other women. Men don't go for drama unless it ends quickly in somebody being shot or stabbed or getting lucky with a lady.

Kelly is down in Australia doing something important no doubt, but took time away from her important stuff to put on a bikini and show off a bit around the pool. Now, we could comment on Kelly's looks, but that'd only piss off some of you who have a Kelly thing. Let's just say Kelly is packing a lot into that bikini of hers. I suppose there'a a fashion tip in there somewhere for the poochy gals. Enjoy.

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