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Jessica Alba So Hot and Not Without Earning It

In the online magazine Net-a-Porter, Jessica Alba mentions that she aided her bodies recovery to hotness weight after baby birth by binding herself day and night in tight corsets. As Jessica confirms, this was a painful process. Seems a bit savage really, and not that I approve of any woman torturing herself outside of standard Pilates and starvation techniques to improve her looks just for us, but... Jessica does look pretty damn amazing.

Again, ladies, please, don't hurt yourselves. No dying for good looks and all that nonsense that leads to unhealthy diets and 9 hour a day workouts. In fact, we here at Egotastic! do quite adore the curvy ladies. Having said that, once you are feeling good about your shape, please do show us what you get to see in the mirror each morning. That's not a request, that's a beg. Enjoy.

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