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It's Spring Break But Ben Kingsley Still Has a Lesson Plan in 'Iron Man 3' (VIDEO)

Is that a shot from an HBO promo for Game of Thrones. No, it's Ben Kingsley delivering a badass message as the Mandarin in a new TV spot for Iron Man 3 (though it does look suspiciously like he's claimed the Iron Throne). This new spot is pretty crazy as it's made up almost completely of things being blown up. Plus a shot of Gwyneth Paltrow in her underwear just to make sure to put those last few asses in the seats who maybe weren't thinking of seeing the movie.

Iron Man 3 is being referred to as the beginning of Phase II of the Marvel film universe, which culminated Phase I with The Avengers last year. I think every time they pass a new phase, they collect a billion dollars. It's a lot like 'Go' in Monopoly, know...with real money.

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