Is This Truly ‘The Manliest Thing Ever Recorded on Film?’ (VIDEO)

Manliest- Mercenary Fighters Header
Is it? IS IT?

That’s a lofty claim, right there. As we know, the world of manly movies is littered with a vast array of rippling biceps, comically oversized firearms, ill-advised stubbly half-a-beards and motor vehicles colliding with other motor vehicles at high velocity with fatal, oftentimes highly flammable and/or face-break-y results. And that’s the way we goddamn like it.

So the question is, how could we possibly choose, from amongst it all, the most guytastic thirty seconds of footage in cinematic history?

The answer is: we don’t have to. Spoony has done it for us. His review of the Reb Brown ‘classic’ Mercenary Fighters features the above footage, proclaimed to be the manliest thing ever recorded on film. Do the men of Egotastic!, with the balls of steel and heroic disposition that you all totally have, agree?

Hopefully. Because if roaring like a constipated Tyrannosaurus that has overdosed on Ex-Lax (against the most realistic background ever) doesn’t just shriek ‘testosterone,’ what the hell does? As a canny Youtube commenter known only as 20324758 states, ‘the whole scene is so manly that an explosion goes off in the background for no apparent reason.’ Can you argue with that? You can’t.