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Is Katy Perry Using Butt Cheats? Whoa, Cocktease, Not Cool!

You know how torn we I am over Katy Perry. On one hand, I've had more than one Teenage Dream about the chesty pop star. On the other hand, her refusal to ever show her bare boobtastic has left us calling her, well, Katy Cocktease, for several years now.

But, now this. While we can't confirm the use of butt-aides on the part of Katy to give her rump more depth, spotting her in Spandex on her way to work out it sure as heck looks like there might be a foreign object in her dumper area. And we don't mean a French man. It sure looks like a badonkadonk curve enhancement device. We definitely need a little Ego CSI action on this front, err, back. Enjoy.

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