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Helen Flanagan Sideboob Heightens Our Interest in Fashion

You know my intense depth of knowledge and passion for fashion. I know, pretty legendary. I am the man who invented the slogan, 'The woman makes the dress, now take it off and show us your boobs.' Well, Helen Flanagan kind of did the middle of that last night in London.

The soap star with the perfect pair of bodacious tubes nearly flashed her joy cans with a side-lace dress that barely covered up her precious pups, throwing in a little cleavage for an unexpected bonus. It's amazing what women with stellar melons can do to keep the necks turning at fancy events. On this one occasion, I might actually have to approve a garment on a hot woman. I mean, at least until Helen and I would make our way to the alley behind the local fish & chips joint, to make French-style love amid the smells of fried haddock. See, fashion can be inspiring. Enjoy.

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