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Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Are Pure Purple Goodness

Oh, happy happy minxy hot times as the belustable little Hayden Panettiere stepped out on Miami Beach in a little purple bikini, a somewhat rare skin-baring appearing for the Nashville star and owners of certain anatomical parts of our own personal city.

As you know, Hayden has been endowed with some type of magically sextastic elvish properties that render all who gaze upon this diminutive hottie turned to stone. Throw in a boobtastic and booty show and every man on the beach had suddenly gone rock. But in a good way. Well, embarrassing but happy.

Rumor is that Hayden is now engaged to one of the tall-ass Klitsckho brothers. I can never tell them apart. But dude towers over her by about three feet. I suppose there's some advantage to having your hot girlfriend stand upright to only your waist. But I won't ruin happy engagement thoughts with such sophomoric dirty jokes. Enjoy.

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