Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Nekkidness, Photography and Crazy, Crazy Dancing

Sure, that sounds like just another weekend of alcoholic funtimes, but before that, it marks business as usual for the Whacked Out Week.

In this installment, heed the odd tale of the life drawing student and his finest creation: perhaps one of gaming’s largest ensemble casts, with nary a pair of undercrackers between them. Do you want to see Princess Peach’s peaches? Donkey Kong’s wonky dong? Link’s… length? Up the exhaust port of Samus’s gunship? No, no you don’t. But you -kinda- can, right here.

Elsewhere, pixel-tastic retro games invade real-world photographs and Japanese gentlemen dance like that eternally humiliating incident with Uncle Bert at your wedding (although this guy, at least, remembered to put his dick away on leaving the toilets).

Kotaku brings us nekkid fan art, retro gaming/photo hybrids and the horrors of Dance Dance Revolution mastery.