Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Lara Croft’s Chesticles, Lingerie and…A**holes

This week’s gaming shenanigans return us to an issue (an issue that makes nerds issue in a tissue, if you will) that amazed many of our youthful selves back in the nineties: Lara Croft’s magnificent boobitude. It’s sure been a strenuous quest from two twin sacks full of jagged, jagged triangular steel to something that actually resembles real-life ladylumps. Now, as part of Unwinnable’s ‘sex week,’ we have a slightly alarming, digital stalker-ish reminiscence of just what Ms. Crofts’ endowments mean. It’s like science. Sweet ogle-y science with boobs on.

Elsewhere in this installment, you can learn which recent release took a righteous smiting to the gonads from Sony’s censoring stick (spoiler: it’s the one with bastard and asshole in the title), and admire the apparently plainly obvious PR genius that is selling lingerie by pretending to game in said fancy undercarriage. This must be seen.

Unwinnable brings us Lara Croft’s nipplets.
Kotaku supplied the horrors of Homme Mystere’s man-thongs and Stealthy bastards being stealthy. And, presumably, bastards.

Our new bosom friend Dayna Baby Lou is the Croft cosplayer.