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Farrah Abraham Swimsuit Pictures Help Promote Her Fake Sex Tape

I can't keep track of all the conniving, idiocy, and, sadly, occasional death, of MTV craptastic reality show stars and starlets, but apparently Teen MomFarrah Abraham tried to go Kardashian with cries of foul over an amateur sex tape  of her out there in the webisphere, but it turned out to be Farrah making a pro sex tape with porn star James Deen and trying to mask it as some boyfriend found footage. Yeah, so there's that. I guess if smart planning is your thing, you don't have a baby at sixteen. Unless you do want to be on MTV, natch.

In any case, in conjunction with her big fake breaking news, Farrah Abraham did shoot a bikini and swimsuit set of photos along the beach to promote herself and a swimwear line and while I'll leave each of you to be the judge of Farrah's character, I'll gladly judge her bikini body and admit that I would watch her sex tape. Watch, but not pay. Just saying. Enjoy.

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