Everything Wrong With ‘Transformers’ In 7 Minutes Or Less (VIDEO)

Everything Wrong with Transformers
Megan Fox's Ass Saves the Day

It doesn’t take a movie analyst to point out all of the mistakes Michael Bay made in Transformers. It wasn’t exactly a bad movie but it was full of loopholes and movie mistakes, even with the leeway that you have to give it since it’s a sci-fi movie and all. The action scenes are fun and the special effects are spectacular in some occasions.

But scenes like the one where that geeky dude played by Shia Whatshisname managed to outrun a huge-ass alien robot just don’t sit well with me. It doesn’t sit well with CinemaSins either, and they’ve come up with another hilarious montage of movie mistakes from Transformers which you can check out in the player above. Enjoy!