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Courtney Stodden's Mom Is Pretty Hot (I Know, I Know, But It's True)

Let's set aside the heavy duty baggage that comes and never quite goes with Courtney Stodden and focus for a moment on her wicked hot rather young looking mom. You know I have a thing for MILFs from the attractive to the uber-sextastic, and Courtney's mom, well, if I were Courtney I wouldn't hang around with her all that often for fear of people constantly saying to me, 'Yeah, that's great, um, Courtney is it? But hey, tell me more about your mom. What's her story?'

Just from first blush, even if Courtney really is just 18, her mom must've started quite young herself. And if we go by Courtney's carbon dating, then her mom must've started very young because she looks like she could be Courtney's younger, hotter, sister. I know I get carried away. I can't help myself when it comes to MILFs. Enjoy.

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