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Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Shine The Killer Tush in Bright Yellow

You know of my ongoing, unrequited love with Claudia Romaniand her killer tush. Well, double that unrequited factor as Claudia took her booty and rest of her hot body on a stroll in a yellow bikini along Miami beach, rubbing it in my face, as it were. Now, I've known worse forms of torture going back to my days as the slowest kid in Kindergarten, but I've never known as delightfully tingle-inducing forms of tantalization as those constructed by Claudia and her regular struts along the shoreline.

One of the days, I have to actually see that killer tush in person. Maybe I'll put that on my bucket list. Right before making love to a domineering female prison guard. Bucket lists do require prioritization. Enjoy.

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