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Aubrey O'Day Uses Her Big Bottomside to Burlesque

I must admit, I've never quite understood Burlesque. I mean, had I been born a hundred years earlier, I very much understand why guys who never saw women in less than four layers of clothing, maybe two if married, got geeked out to see girls stripping down to their pasties and tassels. I can respect that. But in this modern age of media freedom, not to mention female body liberation (we're still getting there, and doing our part), would you pay to see Aubrey O'Day shaking her booty but without baring her bodacious boobtastic?

I'm sure there's some other elements to the stage show she performed down in Seminole Florida, but without the nekkidness, I'd have to watch only out of the corner of my eye while pulling the slots in the casino. That's me. I'm a gentleman. Enjoy.

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