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Amanda Thatcher Is Cute for a Thatcher

Okay, okay, settle down. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher led a rich and full life and although controversial, is about to get the regal sendoff. So why can't I notice that her granddaughter Amanda Thatcher is kind of cute for a Thatcher.

She's 20 and spent most of her life in South Africa, after her father, Maggie's son, was banished from the U.K. following tons of shady business dealings. Of course, dad was also arrested in South Africa for hiring mercenaries to overthrow the government in Equatorial Guinea, small matter. So poor Amanda's been through a lot. She might need an even-keeled Yank during this time of turmoil. Since my Brit girlfriend Kate is on the gestational wagon for many more months, I'm available. Let's make this happen, Ms. Thatcher.  Enjoy.

(Okay, yeah, mostly I'm just trying to make a mess in Britain once more.)

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