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You Can Wait Like A Sucker To Watch The 'Evil Dead' Trailer, Or You Can Man Up And Watch Now (VIDEO)

A commercial for the Evil Dead remake will air during this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead. But you're far too important to wait around for it like a normal person. So despite the great personal risk associated with intellectual property theft and film piracy, I hacked into TriStar Pictures' computers and stole it, and I've posted it here for you. You're welcome.

For the most part, the footage looks pretty frightening. But I must say my favorite part was the ten-second intro with Bruce Campbell and director Fede Alvarez. If I had to guess, I'd say the studio is worried that fan boys will boycott the film out of deference to the original, so they're using Bruce to try and calm nerd nerves. Either that, or they simply realize that Bruce Campbell is awesome and using him in any capacity is always a good idea. (Source)

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