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WTF: This Brazilian Sex Doll's Virginity Will Cost You $105,000

How much is a 'real' sex doll's virginity worth to you? If it's a dollar below $105,000, then forget about it. There's no chance you'll be able to bang Brazilian sex doll Valentina now if you can't cough up the dough.

But who would be stupid enough to blow that much cash on an immobile, plastic hump doll? You'd be surprised.

We admit, Valentina looks hotter than your average sex doll, but a hundred and five grand just seems like a bit too much. However, that's a price Raul Espindola is willing to pay for one night with this plastic bombshell, provided no one outbids him, that is. Aside from the sex-tastic doll, the winning bidder will get to spend a night with Valentina in the Presidential suite of a swanky São Paulo hotel. He'll also get a not-so-romantic candle-lit dinner and an aromatic bath with rose petals thrown into the mix.

Let's just hope the doll doesn't melt in the hot water. Or from too much friction. If you know what I mean.

Check It Out: $105,000

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