Wonderfully Horrible Netflix Instant Films: The 1976 “King Kong”

Ummm...What Are You Doing With THat Finger, Mr. Kong?

I continue my search through the BS they have on Netflix Instant for the best of the worst with the 1976 King Kong. The 1933 King Kong is widely considered to be one of the great pioneering film in the field of special effects and movie magic. The 2005 version by Peter Jackson was decent too. But the 1976 version is wonderfully craptacular. The unconventional love story of girl and gigantic ape was re-created with spectacularly cheesy ineptitude by the s$%tasticest producer ever to blow millions of dollars on garbage, Dino De Laurentis. The only good thing he ever did was be an ancestor of hot “chef” Giada De Laurentis. Still, if you want to see a stupid looking rubber ape pawing a young Jessica Lange, look no further.

The movie follows the same plot as the 1933. An expedition led inexplicably by Charles Grodin lands on a remote island inhabited by racially stereotyped natives. Among the group is Jeff Bridges, who basically plays The Dude who studies primates, and an actress played by Jessica Lange that they find on a raft in the middle of the ocean for some reason. It doesn’t matter. The natives kidnap Jessica Lange, King Kong takes her to his jungle home, he falls in love with her, the humans rescue her, kidnap King Kong and take him to New York City. The ape escapes and takes Jess up to the top of the World Trade Center, (yikes), and is shot down. But what’s really entertaining is the substandard script, the horrifically bad acting, and the special effects. Mind you, the effects in the 1933 original were better than this. King Kong looks not unlike the ape that plays the organ in Chuck E. Cheese’s Rock-A-Fire Explosion band. Just watch the scene above and try not to laugh. Glorious.