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Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez Do the 20-Year Old Hot Little Leg Show on Separate Coasts

Victoria Justice took L.A. and the IHeartRadio promotional event as the chance to show off her gams. And with the hottie, but ever so innocent Victoria Justice, the stems may be all you ever see. But such is the nature of the Relative Law of Sextastic; as in, with your favorite looking celebrities, you take what you can get and you smother it in your drool and prurient dreams.

While across the country in N.Y., Selena Gomez was flashing her own taut legs as she prepared to go on The David Letterman Show to pimp Spring Breakers and remind the world that she's okay without her 120-lb anchor in tow any longer. And she looked mighty fine doing so. And if you see Selena in Spring Breakers, you'll have even more respect/passion for the little Latina minx. Albeit, not necessarily her acting chops. Enjoy.

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