Vanessa Hudgens Nearly Spills Out of Her Top Backstage at Kimmel

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Wow, when we said Vanessa Hudgens was growing up fast, we didn't even realize ourselves how fast it was all happening.

Last night pimping Spring Breakers on Jimmy Kimmel, Vanessa wore a loose fitting low cut top that managed to stay up throughout her interview on the show, but backstage after her appearance, very nearly (and, man, how we prayed) fell off, or out, or spilled over or what have you. Now, Vanessa is not a mighty bosomy girl, so maybe spill out is not the appropriate term. But it's the words we used in our prayer. And while they did not go fully answered, watching Vanessa fumble and tug at her top to keep her puppies from going for a walk on their own, well, it was titillating, Enjoy.

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