Valentine, Skullgirls’ Naughty Norky Nurse, Prescribes Another Dose of Cleave-y Cosplay

Skullgirls: Valentine Cosplay Cleavearama
What is life without a cleavage-thermometer or two? Sucky, mainly.

Skullgirls, for the uninitiated, is the two-dimensional equivalent of the unerringly boobtacular Dead or Alive. A toon-tinged female-centric fighter (a la Arcana Force, should anyone remember that. Which no bastard does ever, because it sucked monkey nuts), its cast sports the improbable chests that we’ve come to expect of the genre’s perky pugilists. Jiggleamundo, as the Fonz would presumably say, given half a chance.

Which, you may venture, is the cue for some delightfully skimpy cosplay; perhaps featuring nurse outfits which are really rather short. Well, gentlemen, it is, and… it is! In a threefold effort from the horn-dog minds of video game character designers, the lustable ladies from the actual goddamn real world of reality with a penchant for imitating them (Jessica Nigri’s appearance in the above is almost as prominent as the bulge in our gonad-regions) and the fine photographical stylings of Martin Wong and LJinto, this gallery was birthed.

You can behold Skullgirls’ Valentine in raunchy action below, or proclaim nuts to that and continue ogling her human counterparts. We know whose side we’re on.