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The Worst Movie Orgasms In Two Minutes...Even I Can Last Longer Than That (VIDEO)

The fake orgasm. Perhaps the most insidious trick womankind has ever played on man. I know that the ladies are just doing it to be nice and spare our egos, but it's a terrible, terrible thing. If we are doing the sex wrong, it's best to tell us so we can improve. You do neither us nor you any good by lying. But it isn't any wonder the ladies think they have to give these big production O's given the way they are portrayed in movies. Actresses will make noises in sex scenes only heard from cats having their anal glands squeezed. I'm not sure if it's just that the actresses themselves are bad at sex in real life, that they are directed to perform that way, or that they are simply bad actresses. The folks at Huffington Post put together this little mash-up of the worst movie orgasms, which is great...


They left out the worst movie orgasm of all time. Watch the video above and then behold the one below starring Elizabeth Berkley from the classic film Showgirls (NSFW). Compare and contrast.

Showgirls Pool Sceneby PatrickDC1991

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