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The Future is Here: Mycestro 3D Mouse is a Mouse Without a Mouse--Well, Sort Of (VIDEO)

I guess it's safe to say that the evolution of the computer mouse is just as interesting as the evolution of the actual computer. That is, if you bothered to follow it. Who would've thought those bulky, boxy devices would eventually turn into something as tiny and compact as the Mycestro? I bet you didn't.

Designed by Nick Mastandrea, the Mycestro is dubbed as the 'next-generation 3D' mouse because of the fact that it's no longer a mouse that you're supposed to move around on a mouse pad. Nick has done away with the usual hemi-spherical device and has replaced it with a wearable mouse instead.

Mycestro is a 3D mouse because it can track hand and finger motion in 3D space. It comes with a touch-sensitive panel that activates the cursor, so nothing to worry about on that end. It comes with the usual buttons so you can click, but it's so much more since all you'll need is two fingers and you're good to go.

No more Carpal tunnel syndrome!

Back It: $79

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