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Shittens are Toilet Paper Mittens for Your Sh't

Sometimes, wiping your ass after taking a dump gets plain nasty. Especially if you have an ass that's bigger than the average, or sh't that's messier and (ugh) stickier than the average. For dirty tasks like this, you need more than just water and soap or toilet paper.

You need shittens.

Shittens are basically toilet paper mittens that provide ample protection for your hand so you won't get any sh't on them while you wipe your butt clean. They also come especially handy whenever you need to take on a particularly messy task, whatever that may be.

You'd expect something as awesome as this to already be a real product, right? Unfortunately, the world sucks and the Shittens are still up for funding on Indiegogo. They're a long shot from their goal of $50,000 so go ahead and pledge whatever you can if you think Shittens need to be made.

And I am telling you, they do.

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