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Sara Sampaio Lingerie Pictures for the Portuguese Passion Inducement

The Portuguese people have many fine accomplishments to their name. Vasco de Gama figured out how to connect Europe to Asia by boat and brought the world closer together, spices and STDs alike. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's premiere soccer players, plus he's banged Irina Shayk for a couple years, which is pretty damn impressive. But I'm going with young model Sara Sampaio as the finest accomplishment of the Portuguese people to date. Just one super sultry fine and sextastic female of the species, flashing some of her wares in her current Victoria's Secret lingerie pictures.

Now, nations may claims various forms of dominance on various fields of endeavor, but we here at Egotastic! know full well that the measure of a country is the number of hot women it produces. Score one for Portugal. Enjoy.

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