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Precious Muir Photos Leak, But, Not Nekkid

Thank you to our Grecian friends at for what we are told are leaked cell phone pictures of British actress and model and all around swollen swell gal, Precious Muir.

While Precious is less known to us Yanks, she is one of the models J-Woww is currently employing to model her swimsuit line, and if that's not a high caliber endorsement, I don't know what is.

Well, more to the point. this certainly does look like cell phone pictures of Precious Muir, our Greek friends say leaked by her boyfriend, which does sound like something boyfriends have been known to do in the past. And Precious does look, well, quite precious and curvy. So, we choose to believe. Like we did in Santa, and he didn't even have amazing boobs. Enjoy.

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