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Our Favorite Heist Flicks Get Taken For a Ride by 'Fast and Furious 6'

One of the smartest decisions in franchise longevity was made about five years ago when the producers of the first Fast and Furious trilogy decided to take the world solely out of the world of illegal small-town street racing and truck hijacking and up the ante into making them giant, heist spectacles. And that trend seems to continue in its sixth!! installment on May 24th in Fast and Furious 6. Joining the cast this time is British DSS agent, now master criminal Owen Shaw, played by Luke Evans. This Brit is so slimy and nefarious he's even able to bring Michelle Rodriguez back from the dead to become his second-in-command.

The trailer gives only a few hints at the bat-shit crazy stunts Evans and his people pull off to get what they want (don't even try to pretend you already haven't quoted Ludacris going, 'They've got a tank', just don't). So while we still have over two months to go to see what heist we're going to wish we could ride shotgun for, put your feet up and kill some time this weekend by watching one of these Ten Badass Heist Movies.

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